Your brand is the essence of your company. It is the cornerstone and foundation of your marketing communication and Communication Strategy. More than a logo or image, your brand reflects the values of your company, product or service and is the source of your promise to your customer.

Impossible Media understand the key drivers that lead to Brand Adoption & Brand Loyalty and will work with you to Define Your Brand and Determine Your Brand Objectives.

Through evaluating and identifying target audiences, together we will Strengthen Your Brand and Brand Positioning.

In examining your existing brand and performing a Brand Audit, or in securing your new Brand Identity, we tell the story of your brand through design and help you to establish the central essence, and timeless quality of your brand. That which reflects the unique value and nature of your company, product, or service and will remain constant as your brand travels to new markets and product areas.



Digital brand identity, print and service channel program.


Original Brand Image:

From its initial start up and foundation in Bergen, NextGenTel, aimed to provide nationwide broadband services and content to companies and consumers throughout Norway.

In an effort to separate broadband services from line subscription, NextGenTel established the brand, BroadPark. However, with no definitive operational, business or brand strategy in place, market misunderstandings and confusions quickly emerged.

Brand Development:

Through strategic discussions and workshops that aimed to segment and determine differentiations between services and content. A platform upon which to define a brand strategy for the individual services and therefore necessary service brands became possible.

Initial sketch development for the service range brand was aware of the need to potentially continue with the orange colour palette.

Revised Brand Image:

During the branding process, NetGenTel announced that a new service portal would be undertaken and that in developing the new brand identity, greater freedom in the brand image was now possible.

Unlike the original brand, our aim was create a unique and custom typeface that gave high tech and modern associations as well as develop a brand element that was both an integral part of the logo and foundation for the brand profile.

Brand Compatibility:

Many defining criteria for the brand image was decided during the parallel creation of the Internet Strategy.

Definitions of available screen space. Need to function on any colour variation of backgrounds being developed for the web portal. As well as the need for the logo to function optimally both in print as well as across all digital channels, platforms and devices played defining roles in creating the brand image.

Brand Service Range:

In determining the brand identity, the need to successfully use the brand image as the consistent and defining element of all anticipated service channels was essential to creating cohesion and clear market communication.

Only through clearly branded service definitions and representation could NextGenTel segment and consolidate BroadPark service offerings from NextGenTel subscriptions.

Implementing The Brand Identity:

With the completion of the BroadPark brand identity, design manual and profile guidelines. Application of the brand and profile definitions has been made across online services, newsletters, publications, invoices, co-branded product offerings and packaging design.

BroadPark, has provided NextGenTel with the opportunity to clearly promote content and service sales to its subscribers through a consistent and coherent brand.


Corporate identity, profile and service identity program.



Original Brand Image:

DocFlow Management provides consulting services aimed at increasing client value out of current technology infrastructure and investments.

Through informed analysis, DocFlow Management provide reports and recommendations for streamlining, future investments, increasing effectiveness and improving overall efficiency of organised workflows.

As a new startup, DocFlow Management engaged Impossible Media to define and create the corporate and service product range brand identities for the organisation.

Brand Process:

After the initial brand process workshop, it became obvious to both DocFlow Management and Impossible Media that it was not possible to create a successful brand strategy and identity based upon the existing business plan and model of the company.

As a newly formed startup, DocFlow Management had underestimated the need, value and requirements of a functional business plan. This had resulted in product and service inaccuracies, misconceptions and assumptions of market and of perceived market groups. Errors in recognising the value chain and unachievable definitions of value proposition.

Brand Development:

Impossible Media worked with DocFlow Management to redefine and consolidate their business model. Working with DocFlow Management, we redefined company vision, mission, service deliveries and deliverables, value propositions and sales argumentation.

On completion of the revised business plan, the brand process began as we worked to identify core values, market position, differentiation and competitive analysis. DocFlow Management as a brand itself, created difficulty for potential customers to say, recall and remember. Following a series of name development workshops, the organisation was renamed, Optimila.

Brand Image:

Creating the emotion of being optimal and of optimising, the name Optimila represents the very basis of the company's services. The optimisation of document workflows.

During the branding strategy and process, 5 core values seen to represent the organisation and its services were identified. Our aim was to create focus on one of these values with the brand image. The human aspect of optimisation, rather than the technological. Competitors were already positioned in this way and so by focusing on the human aspect of increasing productivity, we were able to create a unique market position and competitive advantage for the company.

Service Brand Identities And Profiles:

Due to the efforts made in defining the brand strategy, when creating the corporate brand image we were aware of the need to support and transfer the values of the corporate identity into the service range if maximum exposure, return on investment (ROI) and brand value was to be achieved.

With defined service offerings now named, Optimila Training, Optimila Exchange, Optimila Transfer and Optimila Output. The Optimila motif of increasing human productivity is used to gain maximum brand exposure, recognition and recall. Allowing each service definition to maintain its own unique and independent brand profile and colour palette.

Implementing The Brand Identity:

The implementation of the brand identity and service range identity across business stationery, course and training materials, sales sheets, service reports and presentations maintains a consistent and coherent market presence for Optimila.

Having provided business development services, communication strategy, brand strategy, market and competitive analysis, web design, graphical design and media creation services to Optimila. We are understandably proud to see Optimila has evolved to become one of the leading workflow consulting groups in the Nordic region.

Community Publishing

Digital brand identity and online service channel range identity.


Service Range Structure:

Community Publishing is a software development company providing an array of online products and services aimed at improving social interaction and marketing efficiency.

As an organisation, Community Publishing is based around 4 primary services that include newsletter creation and management, forum creation and management, blogging tools with combined site implementation and affiliate sales and commission management.

The Newsletter Tool:

The importance, stressed by Community Publishing, to define and create 4 unique brand identities that show and reflect the uniqueness of each service was essential.

Community Publishing had previously engaged a leading bureau to define a brand strategy for the organisation. The resulting strategy provided by the agency had failed due to assumptions, misplaced concept beliefs and resulting brand profiles.

The Forum Tool:

When defining the brand strategy for Community Publishing and the individual brand images for each of its core service offerings. We were able to take the invaluable feedback that Community Publishing has from their market, users and customers. The experiences that were gained from previous failed branding efforts and transfer this into valuable input and active responses during the rebranding and positioning process.

The Blog Tool:

During the initial brand identity workshops and evaluations, Impossible Media proposed that the names of the services, be reconsidered.

In realigning the service name descriptions of each service to that of a common and more consistent syntax. The freedom of individual and independent brand image representations could be achieved without reducing or sacrificing overall brand recognition.

The Affiliate Tool:

By starting each brand service with a prefix of The and ending each with Tool a common service name structure was achieved.

So that Newsletter Marketing then became The Newsletter Tool. Blogger became The Blog Tool. Open forums became The Forum Tool. And Commission Payout become The Affiliate Tool. A natural product and service synergy is created and occurs across the brand and service range.

Revised Service Brand Identities And Profiles:

Traditionally, implementing any service range brand that sees representation through completely independent brand images will weaken overall brand recognition and recall.

However, by aligning the names of each service, a cohesive service range brand identity has been created. The identity allows each service to be represented by unique, individual and non-conformed fonts, colours and motifs. Creating increased user and service associations.


Corporate identity, online service and product identity.



Brand Development:

After 3 years of development together with Samsung, Telenor had experienced a number of difficulties in completing the strategic and technical infrastructure behind what was hoped to be the world's first desktop based, touch screen internet telephone.

Telenor, approached Impossible Media and requested consultation and service to not only create the internet strategy, information architecture and define the various content agreement guidelines for providers of the device. But also develop the brand strategy and create the brand identity for the unit which had been called the Telenor Smartphone.

Brand Image:

Product capabilities, uniqueness and position, made clear the need to portray this new found ability of touch, dial and access to the web as a necessary foundation and concept to visualise within the brand image.

At a time when tablet devices and touch screen mobile phones did not yet exist, the challenge of communicating to the consumer this ability could be achieved by using the brand image to not only increase recognition and recall but spark curiousity and interaction.

Creating an anonymous, unisex hand motif and with emphasis placed upon smart, the brand image was created.

Brand Interface Design:

With limited screen resolution and ability to create depth. Limited ability to handle colour and limited Flashrom to load all system, design, interface and graphical elements. The need to stylise and continually optimise within the Telenor Smartphone screen space challenged design and branding opportunities.

Several primary screens were defined during the strategic process, including the loading, rest and content screens. Through the design of large, easy to identify icons, Impossible Media supported core values such as ease of use and through watermarking of the brand image motif, reinforce brand identity.

Extending the Brand Identity:

From brand image to screen interaction and from packaging to point of sale. The brand identity extended across all channels and platforms, providing Telenor with the opportunity to uniquely position the device and consistently increase brand awareness, recognition and recall.

Implementing The Brand Identity:

As a result of our efforts, the Smartphone was released after 3 months of intensive development. Launching 2 days ahead of its competitor and making history as the world's first desktop based, touch screen internet telephone.

Impossible Media was able to reverse the 12 month product launch deficit and delay that Telenor had encountered in defining and overcoming the strategic challenges of the device. In doing so, we were able to create the brand identity, profile and marketing materials that allowed the launch the device ahead of its competitor, to generate global interest, press and media attention.




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